Thursday, 5 February 2009

Analyse your target Market

Ask yourself who will you be selling to and design your marketing approach accordingly. As a management trainer I work in a large range of organisations some large and some much smaller. To this end I have different websites and design them in different ways for different audiences.

If you go to I have designed the site to have a freelance trainer look and feel, however if you go to my management training site at I am aiming at a more corporate audience. I have gained more work from the web from other training companies with the first site, however larger corporate clients have been attracted to the other one.

I have tested this with Google AdWords and directed people to either site randomly. So tell me why I get more work from than the other when I have spent more hours building and optimising my corporate site! Maybe the same reason people are downgrading their shopping experience and when other shops are not doing so well, Sainsbury's and Morrison's are cleaning up.

Graham Price

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