Sunday, 3 February 2008

Looking for a Bus or a Sales Coach?

I have had a strange week with my Adwords campaign and it comes from the term "Sales Coach". On the whole my Cost per Click advertising has proved beneficial as I have gradually moved up the general natural search rankings on Google. (I am now on the first few pages for Sales Training, Sales Consultancy, Sales Trainer etc). The issue with "Sales Coach", is that many of the traffic comes from people looking for buses or coaches, however it has only been with fairly detailed traffic analysis I have realised this. The clues were there, a high bounce rate for a start and people spending a miniscule time on the site, but with Google analytics it is not possible to see the actual search terms put in. I am assuming this is because I have a broad match on "Sales Coach" so might try again without it. Anyone else have any similar stories

Saturday, 2 February 2008

First Post Last Post

Well its the first post and certainly not the last post on our new Blog, felt the old one looked a bit tired so we are starting again